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Our Technology

From Research to Industry

At Helen, we develop new technologies based on our research discoveries. Translating laboratory-scale research into practical applications often requires engineering equipment and instruments and establishing production systems. Our desiccant factory can produce several tons of desiccant bags and strips per day and we are increasing this capacity to hundreds tons per day to meet different customers' requirements. We are also building storehouses employing our humidity-control technology for the preservation of agricultural products in different cities in Vietnam.

Humidity-control Technology

We have developed a novel method employing humidity-control technology to improve the preservation of post-harvested agricultural products for a long period and at low expense. 


Despite the dehydration of agriculture products after harvest, these agricultural products often absorb moisture during long-time preservation at home or storehouses, and hence their quality is significantly reduced over time. Farmers in poor regions cannot invest in preservation whereas moisture removal by traditional methods at storehouses for a large quantity of products is costly and inefficient. With our new technology, the storehouses can be integrated with a moisture-removal system using solar energy that ensures the low humidity through-out the storing areas. This allows the significant extension of the preservation period of post-harvested agricultural products whilst the electricity expense is minimum.

This technology was successfully applied for the preservation of 100 tons of rice seeds in Tien Giang Province, Vietnam. More than 95% of the preserved rice seeds germinated after 13 months of preservation, well surpassed the Vietnam Standard, which only requires an 80% germination rate after 6 months of preservation.

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