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Cargo Desiccants

We have more than a decade of experience in developing desiccant materials. The desiccant products under the brand name GreenRoof are specially designed to keep cargo containers always dry to prevent the generation of mold and rust, and have been the first choice of Vietnamese exporting companies. More than 1000 tons of GreenRoof desiccants are being sold yearly, and we are proud to keep supporting our farmers, workers, carpenters, and shoemakers by protecting their products during transportation everywhere in the world.

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GreenRoof Model HL01C

This desiccant absorbs moisture with a capacity of 60 wt% under normal conditions (RH ≤ 70%) and is suitable for short-trip transportation (7-14 days). 

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GreenRoof Model HL08C

This desiccant absorbs moisture with a capacity of 100 wt% under normal conditions (RH ≤ 70%) and is excellent for long-trip transportation (30-45 days). 



Our desiccant products absorb moisture within containers to protect goods from mold and rust. The desiccant materials are developed in our factory in Vietnam, with the composition distinct from other commercial desiccants. Particularly, the use of natural porous polymers discovered from our research makes the desiccants much more environmentally friendly than other products on the market.  Since the majority of the ingredients are supplied by local sources, this allows us to finely tune the performance of the materials according to the nature of the goods that need protection and the sizes of the containers, providing the highest quality and cost-effective products for each particular application. 



The moisture-absorption capacity and rate of our desiccant products can be controlled, allowing for use in different regions in the world, regardless of weather conditions.


Desiccants used in cargo containers can absorb moisture of 60-100 wt% under normal conditions (RH ≤ 70%). When there is high humidity (RH >90%), the absorption capacity can reach 140 wt%.


The desiccant materials neither get wet nor form a solution under any absorption conditions, as they immediately transform into a gel state when in contact with moisture and remain as solid until the absorption is saturated.

The products come with a protective packaging material, which includes two layers - the inner layer allows water vapor to pass through but repels liquid water; the outer layer is made of a nonwoven waterproof material. This ensures the desiccants are safe for long-trip transportation.



Our desiccant products do not contain toxic chemicals, with the majority of the ingredients comprising of renewable polymers. The desiccant materials are environmentally friendly and can be discarded as normal waste after use. 


Our desiccants are mostly used for the protection of agricultural products, including rice, coffee, tea, cocoa, pepper, ginger, and nuts. Items and furniture made of rattan or bamboo are also well protected from mold and termites.


The products can be tailored for use in cargo containers (20 and 40 feet), as well as in closets or small cabinets and boxes. For large containers, it is recommended that the bags or strips of desiccants are distributed around the container's walls to ensure homogeneous absorption.   


The products are stored in sealed nylon bags and kept in cardboard boxes. If the box is unopened, the expiry date is 1 year from the date of purchase. The desiccant product can be kept for 100 days if the nylon bag is unopened. Otherwise, please use it immediately.   

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