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Dry Bag

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Weight: 1000 g
Composition: calcium chloride and other absorbents
Package: 2 layers, with the inner layer made from a breathable and hydrophobic material, and the outer layer made from a waterproof non-woven fabric. The package is sealed using ultrasonic sealing technology. 
Purpose of Use
Dry Bag is used to control the relative humidity inside cargo containers, protecting both merchandise and containers from damage caused by high humidity during transportation.

Product Features 
Moisture absorption capacity: up to 40% of its weight
Maintain the homogeneity of low humidity within the container
Working period: up to 25 days within the container
Working temperature: able to work at up to 80 Celsius degree

Why is it necessary to use moisture absorbents inside cargo containers? 

Relative humidity within cargo containers increases during transportation over sea routes, causing water vapor condensation. This leads to the growth of mold or rust, damaging goods within containers, and affecting the goods supplier, the transportation service unit, and customers. 

Why choose Dry Bag?
Dry Bag is an economical product that is designed to achieve a good capacity for moisture absorption in
real-world conditions (relative humidity ≤ 80%). Dry Bag is particularly useful for short-trip transportation (e.g. 15 - 25 days).


When Dry Bag is in action, moisture is rapidly absorbed into the absorbent. Different from other commercial products, the moisture absorbent of Dry Bag is always in a solid state. No calcium chloride solution exists; therefore, it is safe even when the desiccant bag is accidentally punctured or collided with goods within the container.

The ingredients of Dry Bag are non-toxic, non-DMF, and do not release harmful gases or bad smells. Dry Bag has been evaluated by Bureau Veritas, ensuring safety for both users and goods.

The moisture absorbent of Dry Bag can be discarded as organic waste after use, without affecting the environment.


  • 1 year from the purchase date if the cardboard box is unopened

  • 100 days if the nylon bag is unopened

  • Use immediately when the nylon bag is opened

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